The Art of Screen Printing

To achieve long lasting, vibrant colours on most surfaces, you cannot improve on screen printing.  It has stood the test of time, particularly when considering signs and messages which have been to endure in the open harsh conditions from the cold snow fields to the searing desert. Truly a product made for all Australian conditions.

At Ellery Screen Printing we have perfected printing on all manner of surfaces, delivering very large quantities as well one offs, this becomes more advantages when repeat signs are required to be consistent through several reruns.

Point of sale items can be integrated to be consistent with other marketing media.  This ranges from 3D stands and display units to floor signs on special non-slip laminated adhesive vinyl.
For the easy transportation of large, light signs such as real estate signs and bottle shop style signs, we find that coreflute substances are not only light and very strong but also economical to use and can be printed on with U.V. inks which outlast conventional inks.

To catch the eye of the consumer, we can print with fluorescent colours.  These are especially sought after for the immediate impact.

Magnetic signs are becoming more popular, when used as quick reminders of your business and contact number, placed on fridges. The same substrate in much large format can be printed on for vehicle signage which can be removed and used on other vehicles when the need arises.

When you require a more substantial sign to last, such as directional signs either in doors or out, we can produce signs on Aluminium, acrylic or any permanent hard working surface, cut to the size you require, drilled ready or installation.

Many types of banners, flags and bunting can be a valuable addition to your marketing/advertising message. Used by many councils on lamp poles for specific events, long drop banners can be printed on either vinyl or cloth surfaces, even silk.

Even small items such as binders and box folders can be printed on with vibrant colours which withstand scuffing and wear and tear to remain fresh and alive.